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Grant Programs Overview

 COVID -19 Response Update

We hope this email finds you well during these unprecedented times. We are starting to get emails and calls regarding issues arising with current programs and projects that have received CHEFA award funding during the FY 2019 and 2020 grant cycles. We recognize that business as usual has been suspended or is working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our CHEFA Board of Directors will meet on April 15, 2020 to discuss the ramifications our current grantees are experiencing due to the challenging business environment.

We anticipate that the board will review the current one-year timeframe listed on your Financial Assistance Agreements and will determine appropriate next steps. We expect to have additional correspondence to you on or after April 15th and will also expect to post information on our website.

Thank you.

Be well,

Betty Sugerman Weintraub
Grant Program Manager



Grant Program Overview

CHEFA's grant program was established in 2002 to make grants to nonprofit organizations that provide essential health, educational, cultural, and childcare services to the residents of the State of Connecticut.  The CHEFA grant program is made possible through the fiscally responsible management of the Authority by executive staff and Board of Directors, and involves NO STATE FUNDS.


If you have further questions, please call Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant

Program Manager at 860.761.8428 or email at