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Other Programs

The Authority has provided $300,000 to the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services for Federally Qualified Healthcare Clinics (FQHC) to make changes to their facility or programs to allow the FQHC to qualify for 340B prescription pricing.  The qualification allows the patients served by the FQHC to have access to lower-cost prescription medications. 

CHEFA continues to work together with State agencies to improve the delivery of services to Connecticut residents.

Strategic Initiatives

CHEFA provided $200,000 in seed money to the Early Childhood Research and Policy Council for its first year of operations. 

The Authority continues to build on the advances made working in partnership with the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services and State Department of Education to create improvments to the childcare sector in Connecticut.  CHEFA's involvement has increased the number of childcare slots, improved the site design of facilities, and raised the early education and care of our youngest residents to a higher level.

Legislative Initiatives

The Authority, as a quasi-public entity, receives tasks from the State Legislature relevant to its mission areas. In the 2004 special session, the Connecticut State Legislature passed Public Act 04-1, an act requiring the Authority to create and administer a competitive grant progam to create a medical malpractice captive insurance demonstration project.

Soaring medical malpractice insurance costs have led many physicians to either leave the area or stop engaging in more risk-inherent areas of practice, including obstetrics. The State Legislature, seeking potential solutions to this dilemma, tasked the Authority with this program.

As a result of this competitive grant program, CHEFA awarded two “MedMal” grants of $750,000 each of the two jointly filed applicants listed below:

Medical Malpractice Grant #1 - Griffin Hospital and Milford Hospital

Medical Malpractice Grant #2 - Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Saint Mary's Hospital, The Hospital of Central Connecticut, and Bristol Hospital.


The ability to act decisively to carry out these missions for the legislature is one of the facets of CHEFA that make our Authority unique.


Public Act 04-1, May Special Session, required the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) to establish a three-year demonstration program to provide grants to nonprofit hospitals that establish captive insurers, or expand coverage offered by existing captive insurers, to provide medical malpractice insurance coverage to physicians and surgeons who have hospital privileges at the hospitals.