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An orange and white illustration of a sun, bird, and city skyline representing CHEFA logo for the organization.
The Honorable Shawn T. Wooden, Board of Directors at CHEFA

The Honorable Shawn T. Wooden

ex officio Treasurer, State of Connecticut

Mr. Wooden became Treasurer of the State of Connecticut on January 9, 2019, following a 21- year career as an investment attorney specializing in public pension plans. Prior to his election in November 2018, Mr. Wooden was a Partner in a major law firm where he led its public pension plan investment practice and was a member of the Investment Section of the National Association of Public Pension Attorneys. He has also worked in the AFL-CIO’s Office of Investment in Washington, D.C., has served as President of the Hartford City Council from 2011 to 2015, and was a member of the Connecticut Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board. Mr. Wooden is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, where he now serves as a member of its Board of Trustees. Mr. Wooden attended New York University School of Law before beginning his career at the law firm of Day Pitney. Upon college graduation, he worked for the Mayor of Hartford and then as Connecticut Director of Project Vote, a national voter registration and education program. He also served as a key aide for the Connecticut Commissioner of Social Services.