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Targeted Grant Program


The CHEFA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the FY 2019 Targeted Grant Award recipients.  Grants in the amount of $750,000 were awarded at the January 16, 2019 Board Meeting. The two recipients are:

The Connecticut Workforce Development Council - $500,000 was awarded to support training, support services, and stipends for individuals, seeking employment in the fields of advanced manufacturing and healthcare, at the statewide American Job Centers.

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology - a two-year, $250,000 grant was awarded to support the expansion of middle, high school, and summer programming in manufacturing and STEM careers in Bridgeport and New London.

CHEFA has aligned its Targeted Grant Program with its FY 2019-2021 Strategic Plan, specifically, Pillar Two, focused on Economic and Workforce Development for the Public Good.  This focus is also in alignment with the original CHEFA Grant Guidelines established in 2002 which included vocational and summer youth employment within the education core priority area.

The Targeted Grant Program was developed to meet a statewide need in one or more of CHEFA's four priority focus areas: Education, Healthcare, Childcare, and Cultural. The Targeted Grants typically are larger monetary grants in order to address the statewide reach of the project or program.

CHEFA reserves the right to invite Targeted Grant applications based on CHEFA Grant Committee direction.

For more information about the Targeted Grant Program or other CHEFA Grant Programs please contact Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant Program Manager at 860.761.8428 or