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Connecticut Health and
Educational Facilities Authority

Our Vision!

Enhance the welfare and prosperity of the citizens of the State of Connecticut by being leaders in public finance

Our Mission

Provide financial assistance to educational institutions, healthcare providers, childcare providers and other eligible not‐for‐profit entities, and expand educational opportunities for Connecticut students through CHEFA’s subsidiary, the Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority

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Investments that make a difference

CHEFA invests in Connecticut nonprofits by helping them access low cost debt capital from the tax-exempt public and private debt markets and provide equity capital in the form of grants. These investments underpin a critical social service infrastructure system that cares for our health, educates us, cares for our children; and in many cases, provides human services that are not available from any other source. In the absence of Connecticut’s nonprofit organizations, there would be a major degradation in the quality of life not only for those who receive these critical services but for all of us.

CHEFA’s professional staff has a knowledge and experience base gained over the past five decades and through the issuance of over $20.9 billion in tax-exempt bonds.

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Programs and services that make a difference

CHEFA has evolved into a valuable resource for a variety of constituencies, including existing and potential clients, and the Executive and Legislative branches of Connecticut State government.

Projects financed by CHEFA include facility acquisition and rehabilitation, equipment acquisition, and new construction for private colleges and universities, the Connecticut State University System, private independent primary and secondary schools, charter schools, long-term care facilities, hospitals, child care providers, cultural institutions, and other qualified nonprofits.

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Contributing to a stronger community

CHEFA is here to help serve our state’s nonprofit sector and to support the community at large. Our mission is focused on providing clients with the financial resources and solutions they need to care, educate and support countless citizens throughout Connecticut.

It is a privilege to serve our community in this capacity, and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. CHEFA is accountable to clients, the public, bondholders, the Executive Branch of the State of Connecticut, the Connecticut General Assembly and regulators for all operations of the Authority.

FY 2022-2024
Strategic Plan

CHEFA Ethics Statement

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this Statement and policy document is to fully inform the Board of Directors and Staff of the Authority as to duties and obligations under the State Code of Ethics and the internal ethics policies of CHEFA. This Statement and the attached exhibits will govern all current and future business relationships with CHEFA. This statement and the attached exhibits are designed to fully inform all CHEFA stakeholders so as to prevent any unintentional violations of the State Code of Ethics. Intentional violations of either the State Code of Ethics or the CHEFA Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Office of State Ethics and the Auditors of Public Accounts, and if these violations can be construed to be corruption, they will be reported to the appropriate federal and State law enforcement agencies. 

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Ethics Statement
& Policies

CHEFA Subsidiaries

The Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority (CHESLA) supports Connecticut students, helping to expand educational opportunities and develop the State’s workforce. A related subsidiary, the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation, is a Connecticut State chartered not-for-profit corporation and quasi-public agency that was established pursuant to Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. CSLF is no longer making student loans but continues to administer its existing portfolio.

CHESLA Logo, representing Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority.

CHESLA’s mission is to expand higher educational opportunities and enhance the State’s economic development through higher education by providing cost-effective education financing programs and information resources to Connecticut students, alumni and their families. Learn More

The CHEFA Community Development Corporation (CHEFA CDC) was created to provide financial assistance to nonprofits who are in and/or serve low-income communities.

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CHEFA Community Development Corporation’s (“CHEFA CDC” of the “Corporation”) mission is to provide financial assistance by serving and/or providing investment capital to qualified nonprofit organizations in low-income communities located in the State of Connecticut. Learn More