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April 07, 2023

CHEFA Makes $1Million Commitment to Statewide Workforce Development

Connecticut’s effort to bolster statewide workforce initiatives received a major commitment by the CT Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA).  A total of $1M in grant funding was awarded by CHEFA’s Board of Directors at their January 19, 2022 meeting.

This is the third year, since 2019, that CHEFA has committed $1M in funding to support workforce development through its statewide Targeted Grant Program.  CHEFA’s Executive Director, Jeanette W. Weldon stated “CHEFA is proud to make this significant commitment to support residents of our state seeking to obtain workforce training, education, and exposure.  Each of our four grants will provide $250,000, with most going to programs serving youth, as they determine their career pathways”.

The grants represent CHEFA’s overall commitment to economic
and workforce development for the public good in CT


The grants were made to the statewide Boys & Girls Clubs for Building Economic Opportunity: Youth Workforce Readiness; Goodwin University for the Manufacturing Workforce Development Initiative; Junior Achievement of Southwest CT for Expanding & Enhancing JA Career Ready Programs: Comprehensive Industry Exploration & Career Pathway Programming; and The Justice Education Center for Career Pathways technology trainings for under-credited youth.  The grants will be utilized either over a one, or two-year timeframe.

Lawrence Davis, CHEFA Grant Committee Chair, remarked, “The grants represent CHEFA’s overall commitment to economic and workforce development for the public good in CT, one of our key Strategic Pillars.  Our commitment is seen through the work of the organization, and I’m proud of our Board members for recognizing this need and awarding these grants”.  

CHEFA plays a unique role in CT philanthropy by being one of the only funders awarding statewide grants.  The Targeted Grant Program was specifically organized to meet statewide needs within one or more of its four core priority funding areas of education (inclusive of workforce), healthcare, childcare, and culture. CHEFA expects to announce its FY 2023 Targeted Grant Program focus area in June 2022.

Contact Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Manager of Grant Programs and Philanthropic Outreach for More Information
BWEINTRAUB@CHEFA.COM or (860) 761-8428