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An orange and white illustration of a sun, bird, and city skyline representing CHEFA logo for the organization.
May 21, 2021

CHEFA’s Commitment to Diversity in the Workplace

CHEFA is proud to employ a diverse professional staff made up of individuals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. We believe diversity and respect for one another is a fundamental component in enhancing organizational effectiveness and promoting professional development. This belief is reflected in our core values and CHEFA employees recognize the value of diversity, equity and inclusion and the worth and dignity of all, including the public, our clients and one another. 

CHEFA’s workplace culture reflects our core values. We work to ensure that our employees are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to help ensure a respectful work environment that promotes diversity and collaboration. We believe it is equally important to maintain an inclusive workplace where employees can work together to find solutions and are comfortable providing their individual and unique perspectives. 

CHEFA employees recently attended a workshop where they learned about implicit bias and how it can negatively impact our organization and interactions with one another. Through this and other trainings, we hope to foster a culture of awareness and understanding that ultimately helps us work better together as we seek to serve our clients and the citizens of Connecticut.