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May 14, 2024

Reaching New Heights: CHEFA Bonds Help Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Achieve a Significant Milestone in Pediatric Healthcare.

In the heart of Connecticut, a beacon of hope rises tall—the completion of the new tower at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Earlier this month, CHEFA Executive Director, Jeanette W. Weldon, and CHEFA Managing Director, Michael Morris, joined Connecticut Children’s Medical Center President, James E. Shmerling, Mayor of Hartford, Arunan Arulampalam, and Commissioner of the Department of Public Health Manisha Juthani to commemorate the final beams being placed on top of the new 252,500 square foot tower. 

The new tower represents a significant endeavor to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality for Connecticut’s youngest residents. Two floors dedicated to NICU services, acuity adaptable beds, and advanced cellular gene therapy capabilities promise an elevated standard of treatment. The inclusion of fetal medicine and surgery facilities, complete with two state-of-the-art operating rooms and a pharmacy, marks a significant advancement in pediatric healthcare.

This expansion not only signifies progress in infrastructure but also underscores a commitment to enhancing the quality of care for all Connecticut residents. By increasing access to specialized services and cutting-edge treatments, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is taking great steps to help ensure that every child receives the care they need, regardless of their circumstances.

Central to this endeavor is the support provided by the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA). Through its tax-exempt financing and loan programs, CHEFA empowers institutions like Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to realize their vision of expanding services and improving healthcare outcomes. It’s through partnerships like these that the promise of accessible, high-quality care becomes a reality for communities across Connecticut.

In the realm of healthcare, where every decision carries weight, this collaboration serves as a testament to the power of partnership and purpose-exemplifying the ways in which CHEFA financings help create a healthier and more prosperous Connecticut.