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January 17, 2024

UCONN Health Elevates Sickle Cell Care with CHEFA Grant Funding

In a significant stride towards enhancing sickle cell disease care, CHEFA has awarded UCONN Health a $75,000 grant to support the New England Sickle Cell Institute (NESCI) in the delivery of patient-centered services.

A pivotal aspect of the grant will be the capital improvements that it will support. This infusion of resources allows for the development of cutting-edge clinical care rooms, specially designed to cater to the unique needs of sickle cell patients. These rooms will house state-of-the-art infusion and apheresis facilities, providing patients with comfort and convenience during treatments that may span several hours. The incorporation of patient-friendly amenities, such as reclining chairs, Wi-Fi access, cable television, and private bathrooms, ensures that patients can maintain their productivity and connection to the outside world while receiving essential therapies.

NESCI’s redesign also embraces the significance of patient and family experiences. The planned patient waiting area will exude a sense of warmth and community that not only promotes wellness but also raises awareness about sickle cell disease’s impact on the lives of those it impacts. An on-floor art gallery will showcase artwork done by patients and provide a tribute to honor their journeys and foster a sense of unity among the sickle cell community.

The expansion also will encompass dedicated space for innovative clinical research trials, a hallmark of NESCI’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge. This forward-looking approach ensures that patients have access to groundbreaking treatments and therapies, paving the way for improved care and outcomes.

With UConn Health’s NESCI initiative poised for growth and development, the CHEFA grant will provide valuable support for sickle cell patients across Connecticut. The partnership between these two entities amplifies CHEFA’s philanthropic leadership, enabling UCONN Health to redefine sickle cell care by enhancing infrastructure, services, and research opportunities. As NESCI’s physical space is revitalized and nontraditional programs are introduced, a new era of comprehensive sickle cell care comes to fruition, promising hope for a brighter and healthier future for patients and their families.

Driven by its mission to enhance the welfare of Connecticut residents, CHEFA’s support underscores its role as a leading statewide philanthropic entity supporting nonprofit healthcare organizations. With a focus on improving patient experiences and outcomes for Connecticut residents living with sickle cell disease, UConn Health’s NESCI initiative aligns seamlessly with this vision.