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Other Programs & Initiatives

State Capitol, Hartford, Connecticut

The top of the State Capitol building in Hartford, Connecticut

Early Childhood Funders Collaborative – A Program of the CT Council for Philanthropy 

CHEFA is a member of the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative (ECFC).  The Collaborative meets monthly and is focused on efforts to support the early childhood sector with grants, learning and educational opportunities, collaborations, and advocacy.  The ECFC works closely with the CT State Office of Early Childhood. 

2Generation Legislation Advisory Board 

CHEFA staff sits on the statewide Advisory Board for 2Generation legislation.  This legislation focuses on early childhood education and workforce development for parents.  The legislation recognizes that children cannot succeed if their parents do not succeed.  CHEFA staff co-chairs the Workforce Sub-Group of the Advisory Board. 

Governor’s Workforce Council 

CHEFA staff sit on two Sub-Committees of the Governor’s Workforce Council (GWC), Equity & Access, and Education.  The GWC provides workforce related policy and planning guidance to the Governor and General Assembly and promotes coordination of the state’s workforce related investments, strategies, and programs. Appointed by the Governor, the members represent a multi-stakeholder group of businesses, state agencies, labor, nonprofit, and education among others. 

Workforce Affinity Group – CT Council for Philanthropy

CHEFA staff chairs the Workforce Affinity Group of the CT Council for Philanthropy.  This group is made up of funders who provide grants to CT workforce initiatives.  The group meets regularly and convenes around learning opportunities, coordination with key stakeholders, and exploring funding possibilities. 

Working Cities Challenge – An Initiative of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

CHEFA staff sit on the statewide Advisory Board for the CT Working Cities Initiative.  This initiative was started in MA by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston with state and local/national philanthropic support.  The focus in CT is on five post-industrial, mid-smaller size cities (Hartford, East Hartford, Middletown, Waterbury, and Danbury). The WCC is organized around multi-stakeholder involvement focused on economic and workforce development.  The cities devise ten-year plans with goals focused on economic revival.  CT joins MA, RI, and VT in this New England effort. 

Campaign for Working Connecticut – National Skills Coalition SkillSPAN State

CHEFA staff sits on the statewide Advisory Board of the Campaign for Working CT (CWC).  This is a loosely coordinated effort made up of multiple stakeholders focused on workforce development policy and legislation.  CWC was designated in 2020 to be one of the second cohort of ten states to be aligned with the National Skills Coalition SkillSPAN effort.  The United Way of CT is the backbone organization for the CWC. 

Arts Funders Affinity Group – CT Council for Philanthropy

CHEFA staff participates in the CT Council for Philanthropy network of arts funders.  The group has begun to meet regularly.  The focus is on support for the arts and cultural sector in CT.  The DECD Office of the Arts has been involved in the meetings as funders coordinating to support the sector. 

Regional Affinity Group – CT Council for Philanthropy Hartford, Eastern CT, Fairfield County

CHEFA staff participates in the regional affinity groups organized by the CT Council for Philanthropy.  Three areas of the state, Hartford, Eastern CT, and Fairfield County meet to discuss issues affecting their funding footprints.  Information sharing, guest speakers, and funding opportunities are discussed usually three times per year.