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CHEFA Revolving Loan Fund Program

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CHEFA Is Now Accepting Loan Applications for Capital Financing

0.0% Interest Rate

36 Month Terms

No Security Required

Quick Closing Process

The CHEFA Revolving Loan Fund Program was created to expand our available financing products and provide financial assistance to CHEFA clients. The program was created in 2020, with an initial funding of $1 million.

CHEFA is proud to announce that the CHEFA Board of Directors has approved the Annual Funding Cycle Notice 2022A and has made $750,000 available to CHEFA Clients to finance their capital projects. CHEFA Clients can apply to receive financing up to $75,000 for 36 months at 0% interest rate. There is no underwriting criteria for these loans. Loans will be approved on a rolling first come-first serve basis.

Please refer to the Annual Funding Cycle Notice 2022A, found below, for more information on the term of the loan, eligible borrowers and eligible uses of the loan proceeds.

Interested Clients must submit a Loan Application, which can be found below. Applications will be accepted, beginning on August 16, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

Contact Michael Morris for More Information

Contact Dan Kurowski for More Information